60w high power outdoor solar streetlight

waterproof IP66 LED Solar Street lighting manufacture


  1. Integrated design, making full use of solar resources, simple, stylish, light, and extremely convenient to install. The integrated solar streetlight does not need to be pulled,

and two or three people can install one in ten minutes. It provides a variety of installation methods. The lamp post is made from local materials.

Iron pillars, wood, bamboo, plastic, etc., low cost.

2.  Using solar power supply and LED lighting, the two solutions are perfectly combined to save electricity, protect the earth's environment, and save energy.

3.  Large-capacity and long-life lithium iron phosphate battery is adopted, with a theoretical service life of 5 years, good high-temperature characteristics and long service life,

ensuring the service life of the entire product.  

 4. Alloy material is used as the main structure, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions; rainproof structure, safe and reliable.

 5. Bulit-in with PIR sensor, when someone approaches, the light will be fully on for 60 seconds. When the person walks away, the light will automatically reduce to 50% brightness, effectively saving electricity energy.

Use: This product is easy to use, with one-button operation, as long as the switch is turned on, the product can work normally without adjustment.


1. Do not disassemble the product without the guidance of our technical personnel; 

2. When installing the product, try to avoid trees, buildings, etc.

Mono solar panel
6V 40W
6V 50W
6V 60W
Battery capacity
3.2V 42AH
3.2V 54AH
3.2V 60AH
Φωτεινή ροή2400-2600LM3500-3600LM5900-6000LM
Charging Time6~8 hours by bright sunlight6~8 hours by bright sunlight6~8 hours by bright sunlight
Working Time12-15 hours (5-7 rainy days)12-15 hours (5-7 rainy days)12-15 hours (5-7 rainy days)
Control ModeTime control + Microwave induction or Infrared inductionTime control + Microwave induction or Infrared inductionTime control + Microwave induction or Infrared induction
IP RatingIP66IP66IP66
Mounting Heigh6-8Μ6-8Μ6-8Μ
Installing space between 2 Lamps20-30M20-30M20-30M
Mounting holeφ78mmφ78mmφ78mm
Housing FinishPolyester powder coatingPolyester powder coatingPolyester powder coating
Standard color(s)Black/Silver GraBlack/Silver GraBlack/Silver Gra
MaterialsAluminum Alloy Tempered glass PolycarbonateAluminum Alloy Tempered glass PolycarbonateAluminum Alloy Tempered glass Polycarbonate
Εγγύηση5 years5 years5 years

Dissemble illustration


IP66: The dust density completely prevents the foreign matter invasion and may completely prevent the dust invasion,
Prevents the spray water invasion, prevents from all directions by the nozzle spray water enters the lamps to cause the damage.
IK08: 10J Δύναμη κρούσης ισοδύναμη με την πρόσκρουση ενός αντικειμένου 5 KG που πέφτει από ύψος 200 mm σε μια επιφάνεια.