Europe Steel wire design streetlight, LED Garden Light

Rotatable lamp arm led garden light.


and the installation maintenance operations are convenient and unconstrained.

Κωδικός μοντέλουHousing Size MmΤαίριασμα δύναμηςLamp Post    Βάρος (Kg)αξεσουάρ
EK-AL18 AΦ500*48460-100W 70 Aluminum housing, tempered glass, Waterproof Rubber Ring,304 s/s screws,
EK-AL18 BΦ500*54660-100W 70 
EK-AL18 CΦ500*29860-100W60 
EK-AL18 DΦ670*500*12060-100W60 
EK-AL18 EΦ500*13860-100W/ 

Outdoor garden light

1. Rotary shafts buckle fixing method

2. Auxiliary light source lighting design

3.IP65 waterproof rating

4.IK08 crash rating

5.The lamps are made of high pressure die cast aluminum,304 stainless steel screws

6. Multiple mounting systems (Pendant, top or side attachment)


The appearance is more simple, classic and durable, can be integrated into carious environments,

Featured shaft buck fixing method is easy to open and close without tools,

High Pressure die casting aluminum lamp body, led garden light housing, solid structure, good shock resistance,

The surface of lamp is sprayed with outdoor professional plastic powder which has strong corrosion resistance and durability,

The main light source adopts international brand multi-chip package LED with high quality, high light efficiency and long service life,

A variety of optical angles, suitable for different applications and installation environments.

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