Warehouse 267,000lm square foot LED High bay lights

Model No: EK-UFO-02
Match Power: 100W/150W/200W/240W
Contain Accessories: Finished Lighting
Item         :  LED Industrial Lighting
Power      :   100W / 240W
Input Voltage   :   AC220 - 240V, 50/60 HZ
Color Choose :  Dark Gray, Black, Customized etc
Lifespan  :  ≥50000 Hours

Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος

Product Short Description

Warehouse 267,000lm square foot LED High bay lights
high lumen-output wide beam projector for illuminating the industrial sector, warehouse and logistics areas and parking lots,
high energy efficiency (≥ 120 lm/W) and a long 100,000 hour service life Applications

Warehouse LED High Bay Light Fixtures For Warehouse

♦ UL CE ROHS Certificate Approved
♦ High Luminance 150w 200w 240w gas station light
♦ Hooking hanging , Bracket, Pendant mount installation
♦ Dust-proof, Water-proof IP65JR66
♦ 5 years warranty

Ολόκληρη σειρά & Προδιαγραφές

Κωδικός μοντέλουLighting Size (mm)Power (W)Lum. Efficacy


Lum. Flux Input Voltage Power (lm) (V) FactorCCT (K)RaNet Weight (kg)
(High Luminaiare Type ) IP65, IK08


200W130±5%2600080-277>0.95Typical 4000K & Optional 3000K 5000KType. 70 & Opt. 807.3
Legend: Std = Standard. 6K = Cool White (6000K). 4K = Neutral White (4000K)
Housing Material :Die-cast Aluminum + Armoured Glass
Work temperature -40℃~50℃ 20%~90% H.R